- 500 interactive math problems - for classroom assessment or homework
Statistics and Probability Number Number Number Algebra
Mean (average) Addition Multiply fractions Express one quantity as a percentage of another Substitution 1
Median (half-way) Subtraction Multiply fractions by whole numbers Find a percentage of a quantity Substitution 2
Mode (most popular) Brackets Multiply fractions which can be broken down Percentage profit Add like terms
Bar charts Multiplication Multiply mixed numbers Convert 12 hour to 24 hour Add and subtract like terms
Probability 1 Multiplication by 10, 100, 1000 Divide fractions Change decimals to fractions Simplify expressions with brackets
Probability 2 Division Divide fractions by whole numbers Calculate time Introduction to equations
Arrangements Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Divide mixed numbers Introduction to integers Solve equations
Probability with 2 events Round to the nearest 10, 100 Currency exchange Add and subtract integers when signs are different Solve equations with letters on both sides
Indices Introduction to decimals Add and subtract integers when signs are the same Factorise quadratic expressions 1
Geometry and Trigonometry Multiples Change fractions to decimals 1 Add and subtract integers Factorise quadratic expressions 2
Axis of symmetry Factors Add decimals Multiply integers Factorise quadratic expressions 3
Opposite angles Square roots Subtract decimals Divide integers Factorise quadratic expressions 4
Angles in a triangle Equivalent fractions Multiply decimals by 10, 100 Integers and brackets Difference of 2 squares
Angles and parallel lines Break down a fraction Divide decimals by 10, 100 Intersection of 2 sets Simultaneous equations
Right-angles triangles (Pythagoras) Convert mixed numbers to top heavy fractions Multiply decimals Union of 2 sets
Plot points Convert top-heavy fractions to mixed numbers Divide decimals Universal set Functions
Midpoint Add fractions with the same denominator Write a number to 1 or 2 decimal places Arrow diagrams
Slope and equation Subtract fractions with the same denominator Change fractions to decimals 2 Introduction to functions
Add fractions with different denominators Change percentages to fractions Rectangles and squares Linear functions
Subtract fractions with different denominators Change fractions to percentages Circles Domain and range
Add mixed numbers Change percentages to decimals
Subtract mixed numbers Change decimals to percentages

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